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5 Products to Succeed on Dukan

Hibiscus Cookies: allowed starting in the Cruise phase and made with pure oat bran, 3 tolerated crunchy seeds and the powerful WEIGHT LOSS flower—HIBISCUS!
6 Pack Shirataki: these noodles contain very few calories, and leave you full without the calories and carbohydrates that come with regular pasta.
Turkey Jerky: add some spice to your life with our original peppered or spicy turkey jerky! Our  jerky is one of the only sugar free brands —plus it's low in sodium too! It's a convenient high protein snack!
Appetite & Fat Control: during the Cruise phase weight loss begins to slow and by introducing Appetite and Fat Control you will help counteract inevitable periods of stagnation. It may also be used in conjunction with celebration meals or if you experience any setbacks in Consolidation and during the Stabilization phase if you experience weight fluctuations. 
Oat Bran: oat bran is the foundation of the Dukan Diet. It is made using Dr. Dukan's proprietary Milling and Sifting Index M2bisB6™ for a perfect size and purity of bran particles, which increases its absorptive qualities that help you feel full.